Commercial Investment Real Estate Brokerage | Maine to New York

Commercial Investment and Lodging Real Estate Brokerage

LUX Realty is a team of commercial investment real estate brokers specializing in sales of unique, coastal lodging properties, investment properties and sale-leasebacks from $3M to $20M throughout New England. We possess a keen understanding of the rapidly evolving lodging market industry and trends, broad relationships within the industry, and knowledge of the coastal submarkets and geography. Our command of this market space enables us to assess, position, market and sell your lodging property quietly and efficiently.

Real Estate Investment Sponsor

LUX Realty is also a Real Estate Investment Sponsor for Family, Trust and Individual Investors. We provide access to and professional asset management of real estate investments for our select investors. As the deal sponsor with a vested long term interest in each project, we source, underwrite, acquire and manage real estate investment assets. Our competitive edge lies in sourcing unique investment opportunities and then enhancing them to provide superior yields over the investment hold period.

Property Management

LUX Realty serves select clients as their asset manager overseeing an investment from acquisition throughout its holding period, as well as their property manager handling ongoing operations. Our principals have exceptional insights, creativity and organizational skills to successfully strategically reposition; enhance and maximize revenue; plan and deploy capital projects; attract, train and retain personnel; perform cost benefit analyses; reduce liabilities; provide clear and timely financial reporting; and deliver high value.

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